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Welcome to the Sperm Donor Forum

Click here for new document: "How long do sperm live after ejaculation?"

Funny (?) sperm bank video clip (1 minute). It doesn't happen like this!

Sperm Donor Forum is an online community for anyone with an interest in sperm donation. The forum is designed primarily for those based in the UK, but anyone can post from anywhere.

Ladies: search and advertise for your ideal sperm donor.

Gentlemen: offer your services as a sperm donor.

Everyone: contribute to debates on sperm donation.

Posts are welcome from all sexualities - lesbian, heterosexual, gay and bisexual.

Posts are acceptable from both artificial (AI) and natural (NI) inseminators. Natural insemination is NOT RECOMMENDED for sperm donation, but posts will be accepted from donors and recipients who'd prefer to use natural.

All posts are free - there's no joining fee. So post away!